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TAMP COFFEE Co. is by far the BEST coffee bar in all of Burlington, if not the entire GTA!

I have been a ten year home espresso enthusiast who takes the art of espresso preparation very seriously. I have been home roasting for years and recently upgraded my personal espresso equipment to include a Mazzer Robour E grinder and a La Marzocco GS3 espresso machine. This equipment is very expensive but has the added advantage of producing the finest cup of espresso possible within a home environment. I mention this not to brag or boast but rather, to underscore the seriousness and passion to which I bring to espresso preparation. Do I expect this dedication and passion from a commercial espresso establishment? If the past has taught me anything the answer is a resounding NO. That all changed when I happened to walk into TAMP COFFEE Co. a short time ago and sampled their espresso.

Over the years I have learned a great deal regarding all the parameters that go into making a fine espresso beverage. Take it from me. TAMP is fully aware of the importance of temperature stability, crema retention, roast profiling and the significance to which these factors come together in producing the finest quality coffee possible. The particular espresso blend that TAMP uses is their own blend that is extremely robust in its flavor and aromatics. There isn’t a hint of sourness or bitterness on the pallet. This blend strikes a beautiful balance of spice and delicate fruitiness while delivering a sweet floral aftertaste that lingers lovingly in the mouth. By far it is the best espresso blend I have had in years! The crema is thick and clings to the cup. From the first to the last sip this blend permeates the entire pallet right up to your nasal cavity. What’s more, they brew this beautiful blend on a stat of the art La Marzocco Strada BP espresso machine. The Strada BP is quite possibly the highest quality espresso machine on the market that allows the user to take full advantage of pressure profiling. What is pressure profiling? In a nut shell pressure profiling is a technology that enables one to increase and decrease the brew pressure for specific time intervals throughout the entire duration of the espresso extraction. This allows the TAMP staff to custom program their La Marzocco Strada BP to take full advantage of the specific brewing parameters of their espresso blend to capture all the best qualities the beans have to offer. When you bring together state of the art brewing equipment with an already outstanding blend of beans the result is mind blowing espresso!

The staff must also be complemented on their attention to detail. All too often espresso bars don’t pay enough attention to the importance of grind adjustment which results in a sour or bitter shot of espresso. Throughout the day such variables as humidity and temperature can wreak havoc with the grind. To combat this challenge the operator must make occasional grind adjustments throughout the day to get the coffee pouring out at the correct speed which produces a sweet and balanced cup. I have visited TAMP on a number of occasions now and EVERY single time I’ve had a shot the grind has been bang on! The staff must also be praised for their friendly and professional service. Not only are they pleasant and courteous but they also take the time to help educate the public on the art of alternative coffee preparation and the importance of fair trade sustainability for the industry and the planet.

Take it from someone whose passion for espresso has become a religious love affair ….. TAMP COFFEE Co. is more then a coffeehouse; it’s a coffee oasis right here in the heart of downtown Burlington, Ontario just waiting for you to discover!

Keep up the fantastic work,

Robert Harris