Coffee of the week!

Mexico Cassandra, Is a very dense bean size growing at a higher elevation! Exceptional complex of sweet and intense floral! Hints of plums and orange peel! Kenya Karogoto show cased as hand-pour and chemex while quantities last! Lightly roasted to highlight the complexity of its tropical juicy fruit! This week we have single origin Yargicheffe […]

Direct trade

Direct Trade!!!!! are quite different than those of Fair Trade. The high price paid per pound is, hands down, the foremost (((BENEFITS to producers))). While the model does not guarantee a minimum price, because buyers evaluate it based on quality, on average they pay well ABOVE the FAIR TRADE minimum. Importantly, Direct Trade buyers pay […]

About Our Coffee

Our coffee is direct trade, Organic single origins as we as a custom blend roasted to perfect, Brazil, Colombian, Ethiopian. We altered the components of this amazing blend to balance and bring an incredible tasting espresso, along with endless testing the parameters of espresso making.