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Coffee of the week!

Mexico Cassandra, Is a very dense bean size growing at a higher elevation!
Exceptional complex of sweet and intense floral! Hints of plums and orange peel!

Kenya Karogoto show cased as hand-pour and chemex while quantities last!
Lightly roasted to highlight the complexity of its tropical juicy fruit!

This week we have single origin Yargicheffe ECX lot roasted slightly lighter to bring the fruitiness sweet nots, peaches, plums,
This particular coffee is dialled and brewed only as HAND POURED or CHEMEX!!

Direct trade

Direct Trade!!!!! are quite different than those of Fair Trade. The high price paid per pound is, hands down, the foremost (((BENEFITS to producers))). While the model does not guarantee a minimum price, because buyers evaluate it based on quality, on average they pay well ABOVE the FAIR TRADE minimum. Importantly, Direct Trade buyers pay each individual producer, whereas the Fair Trade price is paid to the cooperative. Because Direct Trade buyers are interested in purchasing the highest quality coffee available, they work with producers to improve their crops, and teach them how coffee is roasted and served. So that they understand how the product is used. As quality improves, producers are paid more per pound. The direct communication and interaction between producers and buyers that lends the model its name cultivates long-term relationships based on mutual respect and trust. This, in turn, affords producers economic and family stability. Another benefit of the direct relationship is that buyers and producers negotiate terms and expectations together, as opposed to having them imposed by an outside organization. This means that the trading relationship is tailored to the unique context of each producer and their farm. Because the model is flexible, a variety of farm sizes and structures can be included. While not certified by an independent party, Direct Trade roasters guarantee complete transparency, and are happy to reveal all to anyone who asks.